Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Totally Terrific Tuesday!!

Greetings Friends! Tuesday started with one fabulous work board and very productive workers! Probably the best morning yet! Very impressive! We reviewed odd and even numbers and took turns singing our song... There was a farmer... and loved it! We even tried singing with our eyes closed! No posters or signs to help us remember our even and odd numbers! What a challenge! After a quick review we turned to place value and took a real close look at two digit numbers. We worked hard at writing our number words, as well as thinking about how a digit's place determines it's value (tens... ones...) and worked on some challenging problems! Word study went extremely well, and we played phonics games before writing and practicing our short o vowel words. In the afternoon we remembered what "good writers" do in writing workshop, and practiced looking back at a piece of writing and adding words. Remember our motto in second grade... writers are never "done" if it's writing workshop. When you think you're done, you've only just begun! Outstanding job writers! Very impressive. Let's keep up the good work tomorrow! Our day ended at our first all school sing! The entire school gathered in the cafeteria and sang a variety of catchy songs! Great way to brighten a soggy Tuesday afternoon! Now we have some new songs to add to our morning meeting! Nice! FYI: Our first Cafe Sun will take place tomorrow during lunch periods. If your student is performing in Cafe Sun, and you want to see them, try and be here around 12:15 (and no later than 12:25). Good luck to all our performers! See you tomorrow friends!

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