Friday, October 19, 2012

Soggy Friday and W.O.W!!!

Howdy Fun Friday Friends! What a great day... rainy, but great all the same! And Aniella turns 8!! Congratulations Anie! The strawberries were quite a birthday treat! Today we started with our literacy block and focused on short vowel sounds (our spelling rule) and work board while readers met with teachers! In math we used our W.O.W. journals (word of the week) to deconstruct the word "equation". It's a second grade math word that we use a lot! The great thing about our W.O.W. journals, is we get to dig really deep into our word and look at it in lots of thoughtful ways! Students watched Ms. W. make some equations, we talked about equations, and after we fully understood what the word "equation" means, it was off to writing about it in our journals! Who knew there were so many kinds and types of equations?? As long as there's an equal sign, and both sides of the equal sign have the same or equal value... you have an EQUATION!!! Great work... very impressive friends! We had our buddy test in spelling with all our words with short vowel sounds and went on a word hunt! Using Dr. Seuss books, we tried to find as many words with short vowel sounds as we could. Detecting short vowels sounds WAY easier than it really is! But, we persevered and found as many words as we could! It's Friday, and our student athletes from Frontier Regional High School came to visit! They shared read aloud and told us what it means to be part of a sports team. If you want to see for yourself, come to Frontier Regional High School tomorrow and see for yourself! It's Homecoming weekend, and there's a fun fair for kids from 11-4 at the high school. The game starts at 1:00 and there will be games and food and fun all day! This event is a fundraiser for the band and the teams, so tickets will be available to purchase, and admission to the game is $5.00. After our athletes left we were treated to some performances from the Valley Light Opera and Guilbert and Sullivan's Patience. Who knew opera sounded so cool? Our students were amazingly attentive audience members, and the performances were lovely! We ended the day in computers with Ms. Penza today. Great Friday! Have a restful, peaceful weekend and come back on Monday with all those great weekend stories!!

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