Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Counting Coins and Big Band Swing!!

What a Tuesday!! We started the day with some super cool big band swing music in Cafe Sun! What a feast for the ears and our whole school was jamming to the rhythm and sounds of this amazing swing band! Check the link and see how channel 22 news thought it was worth mentioning on their broadcast! After all that music, we jumped right into math and counting coins. Skip counting is an important skill (and holding on to numbers in your head while you skip count) when you count coins. You also have to know the value of each coin too, and today we counted pennies, nickels, and dimes! Remembering to use the cents sign is also important! We will practice counting coins all week, while learning how to write about money, and deepen our understanding of coins and their value! In writing workshop we continued our work on spooky stories and used spooky words and ideas! We were inspired after reading "In A Dark Dark Room", and then it was off to crafting our own haunted, scary, frightening tales! We took some time to talk about how it's fun... even exciting... to be scared just a little bit by a well written story when there's nothing to fear! We also reminded ourselves that our stories, while putting a chill in our bones, are all actually fiction, so... nothing to worry about! Justin shared one of his stories at the end of writing workshop so other writers could give him some ideas for his spooky story! After very careful listening to the beginning and middle of one truly great story, Justin got 5-6 great ideas of where his story could possibly go! Excellent collaboration and cooperation friends! Writing workshop could not possibly be any better than it is in 2W!!

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