Friday, October 12, 2012

Skip Counting, Student Athletes, and Spooky Stories!

Howdy Friends! Friday was full of fun and hard work too! The new work board is going great and Ms. W. found a lot of "great work" to show off to the class! In math we learned how to skip count. Just like counting, but skipping numbers, according to the pattern. Next we took a close look at the hundreds board to see all the patterns! Skip counting by 5's and 10's is pretty easy, but by 3's and 4's proved a bit more challenging! And skip counting BACKWARDS?!?! Wow! That's tricky! Lots of thinking and holding on to numbers while we count. Ms. W gave everyone lots of strategies, from whisper counting, to using the 100's board! Trey held his last math meeting this week, and Jason had a great morning meeting (only, we had it in the afternoon)! Today was Friday, and we hosted our Frontier Student Athletes, right here in our class! Tori (senior varsity volleyball player), Julia (also, senior varsity volleyball player), and Jack (sophomore varsity football player) all joined us in the afternoon and shared what it's like to be on a team and what it's like to be a student athlete! Next, we read Bony Legs with our guest readers and talked about spooky words to get ready to try and write our very own spooky stories! Special spooky paper was ready and waiting for all our creative story ideas full of frightening characters and spooky suspense! Writing workshop has never taken such a frightening turn. Yikes! Can't wait for Monday and weekend stories (personal narratives) lead by Mr. J.!!

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