Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cafe Sun!

What a day for a show! Cafe Sun did NOT disappoint! 2W's very own Alea, Abby, and Georgia showed off their rhythm and swagger with one awesome cheer! Loved it! Takes a lot of courage to get in front of your whole school and perform, that's for sure! Well done ladies! Now that everyone's seen their first Cafe Sun, we will surely have many 2W performances to look forward to! In the classroom we worked on our work board while teachers met with reading groups. In math we showed our learning about even and odd numbers with pictures, words, and numbers and Katie lead another great math meeting! Speaking of meetings, Bianca shared a new song at her meeting today, Sandwiches! I have a feeling it will quickly become a 2W favorite (watch out Rockin' Robin...). We also played the clothespin game and shared the ball toss greeting! Excellent meeting Bianca! Ms. McCarthy was here today, so you KNOW it's going to be wacky word game Wednesday! We learned a new phonics baseball game where we had to dig deep and show our knowledge about reading words, word structure, meaning, and how to use the word! It was a blast! We will surely play that game again soon! Get a good night's sleep friends... start "cooking up" all those great stories to share at writing workshop tomorrow. Tomorrow's Thursday, library books pleas, and sneakers for PE.

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