Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Comparing Coins, Halloween and Welcome Kate!

Happy Halloween Friends! Today was Myong's last day in 2W as our wonderful ELL teacher! congratulations to her as she takes on new professional challenges with her new job in Boston. We will miss her gentle style and sparkling smile! Good luck Myong! In her place we welcomed a new teacher, and Myong's daughter Kate! Welcome to 2W Kate! We had another half day of learning, but we packed it full with work board, math, meetings, and spelling games! Readers met in reading groups as we continued our work on the spooky Halloween work board. In math we stretched our learning about counting coins and compared the value of coins using greater than, less than, and equal signs. Katie shared some Halloween treats with every friend today during snack! Thanks Katie! David lead one supremely awesome morning meeting that finished with a rousing game of sparkle! What a great opportunity to review and practice last week's spelling rule _all and _alk... and the perfect segue into spelling and our new spelling principle, consonant blends! Paying attention to the sounds of consonants and blending them together to make words make us better readers, writers, and spellers! Well done everyone. With a little time left we recited our word study words with flair... opera style, rock star style, Army Sargent style, and, of course "angry parent" style! Well done friends! We ended the day with Mr. Jarzembowski as he read Arthur's Halloween. We also took some time to talk about safety tips for trick or treating tonight! Have fun everyone, and stay safe! BOO!

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