Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy's Gone... And We're BACK!!

Howdy Friends! An unexpected 3 day weekend for many of us in the valley... and with that, I hope you and your loved ones are safe and dry after Sandy's fury! We were spared, here in the valley, and for that we are truly grateful!! A typical Tuesday was had by many today in second grade! Work board was productive and readers met with teachers and in reading groups! In math, we reviewed what we've learned about counting coins, their value, and how to write money. Then, we stretched our learning and wrote coins in value from greatest to least, and practiced "counting up" our money (and writing it the second grade way). Great practice and a lot to learn! We only had a half day of learning today so after math it was on to word study and our new spelling principle, consonant blends! When you blend consonants in words, you hear each sound, and can use what you hear to help you spell words! Speaking of spelling, we've added a new job to our weekly homework practice and that is "Word Hunt"! Using what we know about our spelling rule, we will hunt for words in text and write them according to their spelling pattern. Like all homework, it will be turned in on Friday with reading and math. Deter lead a wonderful morning meeting with the koosh greeting, and sparkle! One of our favorite games, and a great opportunity to review last weeks spelling rule (_all, and _alk). Like I said, it was a half day, a short day, and we enjoyed every minute of it! Another half day tomorrow! Looking forward to conferences with everyone!

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