Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Greater Than, Less Than or Equal!

Howdy Friends! What a long lovely weekend and what a great day back! We started our Tuesday with our last day catching up on the work board before we begin a new one tomorrow! We talked about what it means to get your work done independently during work board, and what it could mean if you always have a full bin with incomplete work. We also talked about time management... in second grade we really begin to take responsibility for getting our work done, and that means effort, focus, and perseverance! All things second graders have to get the job done! After work board we celebrated Deter's birthday with some awesome cupcakes! Thanks Deter! It's GREAT to be EIGHT!! We learned about how to compare numbers in math with symbols > greater than... < less than... and = equal! We talked about how the alligator mouth is always eating the bigger number, but in second grade we really stretch our learning and use place value to compare numbers! We will review what we've learned tomorrow and write about our learning in our journals! This week's math homework is right there, in the upper right hand corner of the blog. Watch Brainpop Jr. and complete the easy quiz at least 2 times this week. More is better, but at make sure you do it at least 2 times! If you print the quiz, send it in with your homework on Friday! Now that's what I call fun math homework!! Our meetings today were lead by Katie and Trey! Trey held his very first math meeting, and Katie her very first morning meeting! Well done friends! In writing we wrote personal narratives (weekend stories) and thought about what good writers do! "Living a writer's life" means taking small moments from our lives... zooming in... and telling a story... our story! Way to go writers. I think the ONLY thing that went wrong today was that we didn't have MORE TIME! Dag nabbit! Oh well, tomorrow is another day full of second grade challenges, AND our first all school fun run! We will "stop" school and gather together outside for some exercise and community style outdoor working out! Some may walk, some may run, we'll all be together and getting healthy as we move! Make sure to wear sneakers! And, Ethan, you're right, I'm not only the luckiest teacher because you "ALWAYS wear sneakers", but because you will ALWAYS be a second grade friend in our class! Now that makes us all... truly, very LUCKY!

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