Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Addends, Equations, and 11 Beans!

Great Tuesday Friends! Georgia turned 8!! Congrats Georgia, and thank you for the delicious blueberry muffins! That's what I call a birthday celebration snack! We started the day catching up on work board, completing literacy activities we otherwise didn't have time to days earlier, or, fixing up reading and writing jobs we have already done! Being a slow careful worker will always result in "great work"! That's for sure, and that's the way we like it in second grade! In math we used our thinking from yesterday (making organized lists... being organized thinkers) and wrote all the equations for the sum 11. First we predicted how many equations we might have, with some very close, thoughtful guesses! Now, that's what I call good "number sense"!! Using beans we wrote out all our math facts for 11, and discovered we had 12 equations! Excellent! Marcus certainly did his best work leading the morning meeting. His efforts were met with a variety of "participation" by his peers (or perhaps... over participation, otherwise known as "blurting", and interruptions). As a class (and in true 2W fashion) we decided to "fix it up" by giving Marcus another day to lead the morning meeting. That's how good friends work... we think about other people's feelings! Tomorrow, you can be sure the golden rule will apply! We also had a guest reader for read aloud! Ms. Fraser joined us and treated us to our new favorite story Frindle! A story about a pen, a boy, and his teacher... and so much more! Thanks Ms. Fraser! We ended the day in PE! See you all tomorrow for more catching up (not ketchup) on our Christopher Columbus work board!

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