Thursday, March 29, 2012

Makayka's Meeting and Summaries!

Greetings Friends! Busy Thursday and Makayla got it all started with her morning meeting! Nice job Makayla! Sparkle played well, and Rockin' Robin sounded great! We practiced our spelling rule (r controlled vowel a) and sorted our spelling words according to categories and meaning! Buddy test tomorrow! Tap our your words tonight to be sure you will do your best! Yesterday's prewriting prepared us well for summaries today! After crafting a few great beginnings, and rereading yesterday's work, we were ready to go! Kaela shared at the end of writing workshop and everyone loved her summarized version of Tedd Arnold's Parts! Truly one silly story about a young boy who believes he's falling apart at the sight of belly button lint, and a loose tooth! Funny stuff! Well done second grade writers! Treat Mrs. Mosher with care tomorrow, in Ms. Worthley's absence. Ms. Cialek and Ms. Shumacher will be there to guide you all the way, as usual! Have a great Friday friends!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Prewriting for Summaries!

Greetings Friends! Wednesday was a little soggy, but that didn't dampen our spirits one bit! Lola started our day with her morning meeting and Rockin' Robin, and the sparkle game! Well done Lola! We practiced our spelling words using context clues and meaning, and simile! After reading our spelling words one last time, it was on to work board and literacy centers! After quiet reading students worked from their bins catching up on work they've missed, or fixing up work to meet 2W second grade expectations! We thought we might have indoor recess, but it dried up just in time for some fresh air! Cafe Sun was also held today, and Alena represented second grade with her piano recital! Well done Alena! Takes a lot of courage to get in front of your whole school and play a piano solo! WOW! This afternoon we finished reading our measurement books and shared our learning. Tomorrow it's on to more with numbers (expanded notation and place value) right before we jump into double digit subtraction! After math we enjoyed one hilarious book by Tedd Arnold called Parts! We used the story to plan, or prewrite for tomorrow's summaries! Friends shared while others listened carefully and critically, making sure we included beginnings, middles, and endings into our prewriting! WOW! Lot's going on in second grade, and that's the way we like it!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dictionaries, Sharing, and Math Fluency!!

Great Tuesday Friends! Yuni started our morning with Rockin' Robin and the clothespin game! Our friends Danny and Juan shared today. Danny showed off his super cool derby car and the trophy he won for most creatively constructed car! A combination Dominos Sonic car! Well done Danny! Sounds like it was a very exciting event, and topped off with a trophy! You really piqued a lot of interest from your audience and they had some wonderful comments and questions! Soon after Juan shared one of the coolest Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat books... in Spanish! WOW! He even read some for us too! Outstanding Juan! Wee loved it! In word study we practiced our r-controlled vowel a (car, farm, star, smart) and sorted our words and looked them up in the dictionary! Great work! Work board was very focused and productive, and friends had a great morning of literacy! In the afternoon, after math warm up, we buddy read from our books on measurement. We talked about what we already know about measurement, and read together with our buddies! Right after we were off to computers to learn some new math fluency games from the blog! Practice makes perfect, and some of the games today presented quite a challenge! FUN! We ended the day in PE with Ms. Gebo and noodle hockey! Now that's what I call a fun, friend filled Tuesday in second grade! PE tomorrow... sneakers please.

Monday, March 26, 2012

It Grew How Many Inches???

Happy Monday Everyone! It was a busy day back in school and it all started with Skylar's morning meeting! Nice job Skylar! Our line plot graph got us thinking about our bulb garden with the question: How many inches has your bulb grown? Skylar collected all the data and WOW! Were we surprised by how much some of our bulbs have grown! Some more than 4 inches since we last measured (last week)! Taking careful measurements will help us not only become more precise and careful when using rulers, but will help us learn about the different kinds of bulbs we've planted and how they grow! Science and math! Now that's the way we like it! We also wrote our weekend stories today, and had so much to write about that we'll continue with our stories tomorrow! Zenani began the week with her math meeting as well! Job well done Zenani! And what a supportive group of contributing friends you had to work with! Awesome job everyone! Ms. Shumacher read from Danny Champion of the World during read aloud and we loved every minute of it! Thanks Ms. Shumacher! Tomorrow... another busy day, and PE too (sneakers please)!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Spectacular Week!!

Another glorious day and we made the most of it in second grade! We started with Cali's meeting and the sparkle game! Loved it! Owen and Kaela shared some very special moments with us during show and tell! Earning trophies and holding alligators... holy COW! Well done friends! Juan and Danny are signed up for Monday... remember to bring in your sharing! James brought in a hilarious book called "It's A Book" and boy, are we glad he did! Thanks James!! We loved it! Remember... what happens in 2W... STAYS in 2W! We finished our spelling with buddy test and spent much of the morning on work board. Reading groups met with teachers and it was a very busy, productive morning! We teamed up in math again today and completed our investigation on measurement with rulers (inches and centimeters), and searched the classroom for objects related to size! Alena ended the week with a very well run math meeting and Zenani is ready to take on math meetings next week! Excellent job Alena! The afternoon went quick, but we made sure to save some time for dialogue journals and Mrs. Cialek's V.I.P! So many pictures, so many memories, and one spectacularly interesting lady! Vacations, family, ducks, fish, flowers, and so much more! Thanks for sharing Mrs. Cialek, next week Ms. Shumacher will try her hand at V.I.P, and we can't wait!! Have a great weekend!