Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday... Money and Weekend Stories!

Greetings Friends! What a productive Monday it was! Work board was busy and focused! After work board we started a coin unit with dimes and pennies and a new game called "heads or tails"! Using coins we were introduced to counting money as well as noticing parts of the coin, skip counting, and keeping track of our counting! We had awesome partners, and skilled coin counters today! Well done! Deter lead his first math meeting this week, and Fernando lead us in morning meeting too! Excellent job boys! In word study we introduced a new word study principle: all and alk... where the a really sounds like a short O!! Crazy! Noticing, practicing, and learning this spelling pattern will help us become better spellers, readers, and writers! This afternoon Mr. Jarzembowski lead us in writing workshop and showed us how to include a beginning, middle and ending in our stories! He shared his weekend story, and reinforced how good writers carry an idea, a theme, throughout their story. The idea or theme has a beginning, the story builds in the middle, and finally, the idea comes to a conclusion in the ending! We had several writers enthusiastically share at the end of writing workshop today! Great job everyone!! PE tomorrow... sneakers please!

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