Monday, October 15, 2012

Organizing Tens and Weekend Stories!

Greetings Everyone! Our week started with some great meetings! Aine started with the morning meeting, Rockin' Robin, Koosh toss greeting, and the clothespin game! Well played Alea (who had the tiniest of clothespins hidden on her back collar)! Jason also held his first math meeting and completely "rocked" the calendar math, "days in school", and weather graphing! Not to mention counting money! Nice work Anie and Jason! Work board went well too, and students worked on their literacy jobs (buddy reading, poems, scholastic news, and abc center, just to name a few). In math we counted groups of ten. We took what we know about counting tens, and tried to come up with all the ways to make 100. We stretched our thinking even further and thought about how an organized list can help us come up with all the combinations quicker and more efficiently! AND... being organized means you get every single combination the first time around (without wondering if you've thought of all the combinations). Mr. J. lead writing workshop and shared how to go back into your story and add details! Thanks Mr. J. Great lesson, and... sorry about your Yankees... but, not really (hee hee). Trey shared his apple picking treasures with the whole class, and everyone enjoyed a crisp, juicy apple at snack, compliments of Trey! As you can see, David enjoyed every last bit of his apple! Yum! PE tomorrow... sneakers please.

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