Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rounding to 10 and Writing Workshop!

Howdy Thursday Thinkers! What a productive day it was! We started with quiet reading and our new work board! Mrs. Cialek taught us about ABC order and how to arrange spelling words in order according to the letters that start those words! In math we stretched all our learning about place value and number sense and learned how to round numbers up or down to the nearest 10 (closest 10). Looking at numbers and number lines we first, figured out how to find the tens that were on each "end" of the number. Looking at the number 23, we see that 20 and 30 are the tens closest to this number, but which ten in the closest? 20, of course! It got trickier when we looked at numbers like 45, and 65. Those numbers are "smack dab" right in the middle of the tens! YIKES!! That's when we learned the rounding up rule for finding the closest 10 (when 5 is in the ones place)! And it goes: 5 or above, give it a shove! 4 or below, let it go! What great thinking and hard work! It was library Thursday, and we exchanged our books and had a nice visit with Ms. Kidder! Justin lead one great meeting with the Sandwiches song (our new favorite) and the clothespin game! Trey lead another productive math meeting as well! In writing workshop we examined what good writers do, and how sometimes writers start their story with a picture. First, we have to get a picture in our head. After that, you could have heard a pin drop! No kidding! Every writer, on task, rereading, writing, fiction, personal narratives, and even some "how to" books! We love, love, love our writing workshop in 2W, that's for sure! We ended the day with Niko's "guess my number" game! He used all our great thinking in this week's math lessons and created one complex, thoughtful problem for "guess my number"! Holy moly, everyone was totally "IN"!! Niko had us guessing, thinking, changing our thinking! WOW! Eventually, Deter's guess won the game! 107. Is it greater than 90? Yes. Is it less than 110? Why... yes. If you look at the ones digit, is it 7 more than the tens digit? WHY YES IT IS!!!!!! THAT'S IT!!! 107 IS NIKO's MYSTERY NUMBER!!! OUTSTANDING friends! That's how you end a great day in second grade!

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