Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday... P.O.W!!!

Howdy Friends! I forgot the camera at school (dang!) so you get to see the beat boxers and fact family rappers from yesterday, 'cause that's how we roll... We had an awesome day in school today! Lot's of reading in reading groups this morning while friends caught up on all their work board jobs. We're really practicing how to "dig deep" into the text and find evidence to support our learning. Remembering what the story taught or told us, HOW it taught or told us, and sharing our learning! Then, going back into the book to find where it is in the story! Proving it! Now that's what I call evidence of learning! In math we completed our third P.O.W! Problem of the week! Knowing how to read a problem, finding what's important, showing all our thinking (and yes... more is always better), using equations to support our thinking, and writing an answer to the problem (in a complete sentence)! Wow! That's what I call P.O.W!! Madeline lead her morning meeting, only in the afternoon! Jason held another super efficient math meeting, and it was on to writing workshop! Today we learned how writers come up with ideas all the time... that's what living a writer's life is like! How do you get a hold of, and keep good story ideas when they pop in to your head, and your not sitting in writing workshop? What do you do? You get that idea OUT... as quick, and down and dirty as it may be... and keep it to write about later! We also used some more cool spooky story paper, and Niko shared a story he's been working on for days!! That's what perseverance looks like in writing workshop! Well done Niko! Many friends in 2W have many stories ready to share!! That's what I call enthusiasm in writing workshop! Well done friends! Tomorrow is fun Friday... are you ready for some FUN??

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