Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fact Family Rap!! Word...

Great Wednesday Friends! Work board couldn't have gone any better, Ms. W met with many readers as did Mrs. C!! Just the way we like it! In math we stretched our learning about 11 equations from yesterday and worked with fact families! Knowing how numbers work together and how they "operate" helps in so many ways! Knowing all our math facts is one very important job in second grade! After practicing with fact family triangles, we decided to take what we learned and rap about it! YES! That's right! Beat boxers held the rhythm while the rappers sang about 6, 5, and 11!! Fact family rapping never sounded so good! And, with so much swagger and attitude! Wow! In writing workshop writers learned how to stick with a great story idea, even if you think your picture isn't "good enough". Learning how to do "THE BEST YOU CAN" will help every writer tell the story they were meant to tell! Persevering through a challenging drawing, and having faith in yourself is always a good strategy when it comes to writing workshop! Right Jason! That was one excellent observation! And so eloquently shared at just the right moment! Way to go writers! And thanks for sharing Justin! Great picture with more detail than any other picture you've ever made in writing workshop! Wow! Library books tomorrow, and PE... sneakers please!

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