Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Race to 50 and Jeopardy!

Wednesday was full of games, meetings, and A LOT OF ENERGY!!! We started with our last catching up day before starting our new spooky Halloween work board tomorrow! In math we stretched our learning about coins and their value and learned how to make trades with coins. Looking at several coins, and trading up... with our new game "race to 50"... as in cents! Using what we know about pennies, nickels and dimes, we rolled the dice, counted our money, and tried to make equal trades from pennies to nickels to dimes to quarters! Excellent coin counting practice. And nice cooperation, turn taking, and game playing! Well done! Ethan lead a fabulous morning meeting and ended it with the game sparkle! A perfect transition to word study and spelling! Since it's Wednesday, you KNOW spelling will be one awesome word game, and today it was jeopardy!! Using our spelling patterns, rhyme, meaning, context clues, and working together, teams played one rousing game of jeopardy! Thanks Ms. McCarthy! We love Wednesdays and especially love when you're here! Awesome! Deter lead another great math meeting followed by writing workshop, where we reminded ourselves what respectful, caring, working friends look like and sound like, and then wrote about it. Looking forward to seeing every friend tomorrow, and it will be Thursday, library books and sneakers for PE please!

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