Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wacky Word Game Wednesday!

Howdy Friends! What a day! Sorry, but I forgot the camera at school, so I'll post pictures later. We started the new work board, and talked a lot about what it's like to be a productive, independent worker in the morning! It was Wednesday, so that means Wacky Word Games, and we learned how to play Jeopardy in spelling! Substituting phonemes (sounds) and creating new words while "visualizing" the words in your head!! Awesome! In math we stretched our learning from yesterday about comparing numbers with symbols, and created our own mystery numbers. MUCH more challenging than it seems! Lots of language, AND math... and holding on to information in your head while you reason! HEY... that's called THINKING!!! Working through a problem takes time, thinking, effort, application, attention, and fortitude! Instead of a quick answer, we used our critical thinking and reasoning skills to solve problems! What a work out! Rain cancelled our Fun-Run, so instead, Mr. Hines hosted one wild and crazy all school dance party in the cafeteria!
WOW! The pulsing, pounding rhythms of studio 54 meets the energy of the entire population of elementary school children... WOW! Tomorrow is Thursday (already) so remember library books and sneakers for P.E.

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