Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Meetings!

Howdy Friends! We rearranged our schedule a bit to accommodate morning meeting... our favorite time of day!! Having every friend in the room while greeting, singing, and gaming is VERY important business in 2W! Deter lead a great morning meeting too! Nice job! We introduced our new spelling rule in word study, short o vowel sound, and collected our homework for this week. We will practice our spelling words (writing or tapping), log on to brain pop, odd and even numbers, and read a bit (15 minutes) every night. In math we reviewed place value and stretched our learning to include what we've learned about "pairs" when counting numbers! How many pairs of gloves do you need to count 65 fingers... tricky question!! We were definitely up for the challenge! Lot's of thinking, drawing, and talking about our thinking! Just the way we like it! We ended the day writing weekend stories and learning how good writers "stretch out words", ans listen for the sounds in the word, so that they can write the word! Proper spelling IS important, but composing a great personal narrative is too... and good writers sound out lots of big words in their stories! Katie lead her first math meeting, and I have to say it was awesome! Well done Katie! Nice job converting all our pictograph data on weather on to the bar graphs! OUTSTANDING!!

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