Friday, September 30, 2011

Brady, Doubles, and Frontier Football!!

Fun Friday started with the rhythm stick greeting and today's question: Who has checked the blog from home? We noticed 12 "no" and 6 "yes" responses. I can't wait to share with all you parents out there exactly how the blog works. We visited Ms. Kidder in computers this morning and after that it was writing workshop where we learned about analogies. We also learned to proofread the second grade way, while paying close attention to our spelling rule, short a vowel sounds!
In math we reviewed our learning about doubles facts. We remembered important vocabulary (sum, equation, addend) and listened to a great story by Lily Hong called "Two Of Everything". After that we were ready to create our own doubles riddle book! Fun! After math we were visited by a new student athlete from the Frontier football team, Brian! Brian read with us and shared his secrets to being a dedicated athlete while keeping up with his studies and homework! Impressive Brian! We also played one of our favorite games with Brian, Boppity bop bop bop!
We ended the day with one very special VIP, Brady! We learned even more about what an awesome kid he is, how important his family is to him, and about his super cool cowboy boots!! Well done Brady! Hope to see you at the Sunderland Fall Festival Saturday, tomorrow! Don't let a little rain keep you from partaking in the fun! Happy Weekend friends!

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