Saturday, September 24, 2011

Another Fun Friday!!

Busy, busy, busy second graders!! The meeting started with "Rockin' Robin" and the koosh toss greeting! We learned another new game called The Weekend Song, and acted out our plans for the weekend as we sang! In the morning we learned all about another work board job called classroom library! We are so fortunate to have such a well stocked classroom library, and we will use a variety of stories and genres to do this particular work board job. Today, Dr. Seuss helped us learn how to choose a book (and why), how to write the title (with capitals), and how to write about the big idea in a story! Everyone did a great job, especially for our first time! In math we reviewed story problems, and how to tell if it's an addition problem. We reinforced important math vocabulary (number sentence, equation, sum, addition, equals), and even wrote our own math story problems! Joe sure had a busy afternoon as he was both the math meeting helper and V.I.P! Great job Joe! You not only ran a very efficient, orderly meeting, but had fun doing it too! We also learned a lot more about what a special kid you are! Frontier student athletes Melanie and Stanna joined our afternoon as part of a student outreach service project at Frontier Regional High School! They talked about the rewards of participating on a team, representing your school, and the strong bond you make with your teammates! They shared how important practice is to do well both in school and in volleyball! We finished our fun Friday with a rousing game of Ms. Marbles and the clothespin game! Oh... and that blurry dude in there... that's Brady doing the "mashed potato" energizer! Yeah... he's got the moves! We LOVE our energizers! 30 seconds of energy building, motor movement sure helps us get ready to focus on whatever's "next" in second grade! Well done! Now THAT'S what I call one busy, FUN FRIDAY!!

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