Monday, October 3, 2011

Leo Leonni, Weekend Stories, and Julienne's Math Meeting!

Well, today, was a very busy, chatty, interesting day,, no doubt about it! We're still learning new routines and how to do things "the second grade way", and boy, does that take a lot of energy and concentration. Never the less, we stayed the course, and began with handwriting followed by art. In our morning meeting we used our rhythm thick to greet each other, and sang One Bottle Of Pop! We watched as Ms. Worthley modeled what writers do during writing workshop (weekend journals). We reviewed how to use the word wall to help with our writing, and reviewed how to stretch out words, listening for the sounds) the way good writers do! NO WORD is too big, or too tricky to put in your story if you can stretch it out, and listen for the sounds!! Zenani bravely shared her writing after, at our author's share (though just about everyone was willing to share, and will have their turn soon, too). We read "A Color Of His Own" by our new author under study, Leo Leonni and loved it! We will soon make text to text connections after reading a few more of his wonderful stories and even compare his style with what we've already learned about Marc Brown's style!
In math Julienne ran his first math meeting! GREAT job Julienne, and what an incredible weather question you posed! We had to use our bar graph to look back and reflect on September weather! Wow! I couldn't have crafted a better question myself! We finished illustrating our Doubles Riddle Book, and can't wait to share our great work with you tomorrow night at Open House! PTO will host dinner for everyone! Baked potato with lots of great "fix-ins"!! After dinner (at 5:00) parents are invited to join teachers in the classrooms (at 6:00) and students are welcome to join in the gym with some special treats PTO has planned. So, yah, I'm just gonna take a minute and say OUR PTO ROCKS!! Thanks to all the parents and helpers who help make this one of many fabulous evenings for everyone in our school community! Tomorrow night, 5:00 dinner, 6:00 presentations in classrooms for parents! See you then! Tomorrow is PE, sneakers please!

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