Thursday, September 15, 2011

Buddy Reading, Portraits, and The Golden Rule!!

Greetings Friends! Another busy Thursday in second grade! We started with the handshake greeting and a new song, "Sandwiches"! We played one of our favorite games, "clothespin-find" and went right into handwriting! We practiced our capital letters again, and were reminded how important it is to sit like a writer, and use your helping hand! We learned about "writing center" jobs, and what to do when you see that picture on the work board. Soon after we did our own writing about classroom rules, what do we think is important, what makes us feel safe, and what it all looks like in second grade. We all agreed, that Golden Rule is a keeper... and covers a lot of ground! Friends shared some of their ideas and we'll certainly be ready to solidify our classroom rules (promises) tomorrow! We reviewed the differences between quiet reading and buddy reading, and did a little bit of both today (and LOVED it)!! Joe ran another fantastic math meeting today (calendar, money, weather, and days in school) and helped us make our first "bundle"! That's right, we've officially been in school for 10 days! Woohoo! Well done Joe! We finished our afternoon painting our beautiful self portraits which will soon be our "hopes and dreams" posters! We talked about how special water color paints are, how to use water to mix colors, and how to store and care for them! I can't wait for you all to see all their hard work! Which brings me to Open House: October 4th! Parents are strongly encouraged to make this an evening for adults/parents to learn about your student's classroom, curriculum, and have your general education questions answered! I can't wait to meet you all! Especially after having spent 10 days with your awesome students!!

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