Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dino-Man and Lola's Math Meeting!!

Greetings Friends! We started our day in the Jurassic period with Dino-Man!! Brontosaurus balloons filled the gymnasium as we listened to Dino Man tell us all about dinosaurs! Thanks to our awesome SES PTO for great enrichment programs like this! Pretty amazing! We practiced spelling sentences with our spelling words, and learned how to sort our spelling words the second grade way. Quiet reading was.... very quiet, and full of readers... just the way we like it! Lola hosted her very first math meeting today, special thanks to the amazing super math helper Jake for all the preparation too! Great team work! It was pocket day in math today and that's exactly what we did, count pockets! We recorded all our pockets, and noticed we had 18 numbers to add! YIKES! Soooo, what do you do when you have a bunch of numbers to add together? You find "friendly" numbers, or "easy" numbers that work together! Like doubles (4+4, or my favorite double, 9+9). Some more easy numbers are "teenager" numbers! Like 10+6=16... teenager! 10+3=13... teenager! 10+9=19... another TEENAGER! We also noticed combinations of numbers that equal 10 are ALWAYS FRIENDLY! Thinking in terms of ten is always GREAT mathematical thinking!! And, like we say in 2W, when you're thinking, you're winning!!! Our first pocket day was so much fun, and we can't wait for our next pocket day! We ended our day learning another work board center called "independent" work. We talked about what "independent" means, and how everyone may have different work in this learning center. Working independently means working all by yourself and the work will be tailored just for you! PE was hot, but lots of fun today! Another PE day tomorrow, sneakers please!

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