Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fun Friday!

Howdy Friends! Our first fun Friday was exactly that!! We started with our essentials block in the computer lab with Ms. Kidder and rolled right into our morning meeting after that. We rocked out to "Rockin' Robin" and learned another new greeting while tossing our Earth ball. We finished writing all our high frequency words and will be ready to build our word wall on Monday! In writing workshop we learned about our Monthly Writing Sample Journals. A special kind of writing where we get to write about anything we want (fiction, personal narratives, thoughts, feelings). What's unique about these journals is that they allow us to see a progression of writing throughout the year. We actually can see ourselves becoming better writers! The evidence is right in front of us! Cool! Quiet reading went extremely well! Many friends chose to read about our first author under study, Marc Brown! Who doesn't love a good Arthur book? A great second grade reading choice... every time! We finished our projects on summer reading (and other reading) and it's on display right outside our classroom! Well done second graders. Check it out for yourselves!
In math we reviewed fact families, and what makes a fact family. New vocabulary included words like equation, number sentence, sum and difference. We will write about fact families on Monday! We had a super math meeting as well (thanks to those awesome meeting rules) and Jake stepped up as math meeting helper! Well done Jake. The good news is that EVERYONE will eventually have a turn to be math meeting helper, and just about everyone is ready for the job! Nice work everyone! Ms. Worthley modeled our first VIP Friday. A special moment in second grade where each friend will tell us all about themselves, what makes them special. It's a time to share a special talent, pictures, stories, anything that helps us really get to know you. Remember, if you can fit it in the VIP Top Secret brief case, and it helps us learn more about you, then BRING IT!! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Wow second graders have been so busy already this year!!! They are learning so much and having lots of fun. Keep up the good work!!

  2. True dat Julie! We are off to a great start! Wonderful group of children!!