Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday! Kaela's VIP and Turn Over 10!!!

What a great Friday, friends! We began with handwriting and will review number writing next week! The dosi-do greeting started our meeting, followed by a small survey on ice cream (math review). Making observations based on data surveys are a lot easier when WE are being surveyed, and the DATA is ice cream!! We finished our self portraits and learned how to use sharpies in second grade (where they're stored, how they're permanent, and how to use a blotter). We also got to finish our super silly pictures, quite a creative contrast to our portraits! Joe ran one super math meeting and will continue next week. We learned a new game to help us learn our math facts (automatically) called Turn Over 10! Friends made matches with cards, much like concentration. Lots of cooperating, strategy (even when it's not your turn, remembering where all the other cards are), and certainly FUN! With Mrs. Cialek out this week, we had Ms. McKenna join us, and today was her last day... Thanks Ms. McKenna! Oh, and by the way, you can probably tell how much Ms. Worthley likes it when the phone rings, in the middle of a lesson, so don't be surprised if a second grader answers your call! We don't "dislike" the phone... we just like LEARNING more!! Thanks Jake! We ended the day with Kaela's VIP! Great job Kaela! We really learned more about you and how special you truly are! Next VIP will be Joe! Have a great weekend friends!

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