Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jobs, Portraits, Buddy Reading and Bingo!

Another great day friends! We started in PE and followed with a great morning meeting! We learned another new greeting with the rhythm stick and sang "One Bottle of Pop" in rounds! Well done second graders... and not as easy as it seems! We practiced capital letters in handwriting, and practiced using our word wall while playing Word Wall Bingo! What a fun way to learn how to scan the word wall, copy words, and spell! If it's on the word wall, we should spell it properly in second grade! Fun! We finished talking about classroom jobs, and took responsibility for our classroom and tools today! Some friends fed the fish, some cleaned the floor, and some sharpened pencils! Awesome! We also discussed how much we love buddy reading, and how it's a little different from quiet reading. We will do a lot of both in second grade, that's for sure.... because when you're reading, you're thinking, and when you're thinking, YOU'RE WINNING (according to Big Papi, and Ms. W). We had a quick mini-lesson on portrait drawing, and began our "hopes and dreams" poster project! Each friend will complete a self portrait while thinking about our hopes and dreams for our year together in second grade. What do we want to learn, what do we HOPE for? What do we dream about? Pretty important stuff, and exactly what motivates every friend to do their best learning in second grade! Library tomorrow. I hope Ms. Kidder thinks we're ready to check out some books!

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