Thursday, September 29, 2011

Doubles, Fun/Run, and a Very Red Eft!!

Howdy Friends! OK... so here's why YOU wish YOU had MY job! Seriously, what a great day! It started out rainy, VERY rainy, but we succeeded in having our first Fun Run/Walk of the year thanks to Nurse Jeannie and the weather! We started our day with a great meeting, "slap it, shoot it, ka-boot it" greeting, "Sandwiches", and (later in the day) the clothespin game! We did our first word sort (with short a vowel sounds), and learned how to do "Ed Emberly" (a sequencing activity fusing art, sequencing, and following directions in one fun activity)!! We took a short break to watch a "coughing" video. That's right we watched how to cough safely into your fabric covered arm to limit the spread of germs. Who wants their neighbors cooties? Not me!
Alena shared one super cool newt (maybe a salamander?) called a red eft. It was very red, very little, and very cool! Thanks Alena! Mother Nature has truly created some amazing creatures, and the red eft is certainly one of them! In math we reviewed what we've learned about equations, math facts, number sentences (algebraic style), and learned about DOUBLES!! We learned a new word today, "addend". That's the official math word for the digits that we're actually adding together! We LOVE super cool official math lingo! After practicing with doubles, the clouds parted, and we were ready for our first Fun Run/Walk! Our whole school community gathered together and essentially "stopped" in house schooling for some outdoor exercise, fresh air, social connections, and tasty apple treats (thanks to Ms. Palmer)! We ran a new, super safe route around our school and were joined by many visitors, Cali's Mom was one of them! While the route was a bit wet, we were undeterred, and completed no less that 6 to 9 laps around! WOW! Friends really got their running "groove" on, and I think we made Nurse Jeannie quite proud! I know I sure was! Can't wait for the next one! Awesome day friends. Homework due tomorrow. See you on fun Friday!

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