Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Poems and P.O.W!!!!

It might have been rainy today, but that didn't slow us down a bit! Our morning meeting started with the "koosh" greeting and our song, This Old...Lady??? We played the clothespin game and our day officially began! Can you see where the clothespin was hiding today? We read and reviewed our classroom rules and used this topic as our theme for handwriting! Writing workshop was all about poetry and "hopes and dreams"! We started by learning about our poems icon for work board and where to go to get our "poetry" job. We read a fun, familiar poem, and sequenced it out ourselves! Afterward, several courageous readers volunteered to read it in front of the class! Bravo second graders!! We thought about, talked about, and wrote our hopes and dreams for second grade! This is the last part of our poster project which helps us build our community and a responsive classroom... a place where hopes and dreams matter, feelings are important and valued, and diversity RULES!!
We're really getting into the practice of "math warm up" and practicing our math facts! This is one of the most important jobs in second grade math, and we will devote 5 minutes (at least, and sometimes more), every day and practice, practice PRACTICE!! We learned all about P.O.W! in math today. POW is all about problem solving and showing your thinking (with pictures, words, numbers and a correct answer)! For our first POW we did great! Problem solving, thinking, and SHOWING your thinking takes a lot of energy! Solving one single POW problem can really wipe you out! But, we still had enough energy left for Joe's math meeting! Well done Joe, and good listening and participating by everyone else!

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