Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday! Boppity-Bop-Bop-BOP!

Only our 8th day in school together, and already we've learned so much about second grade! Today we learned a new game at morning meeting called Boppity bop bop bop! This in one game where blurting out whatever pops into your head is GOOD! Fun! We also used our word wall to learn how to write "spelling sentences" the second grade way! Paying attention to capitals, punctuation, and underlining the word two times, and of course, correct spelling is very important (especially if it's a Word Wall word)! Next, quiet reading was.... sort of quiet, but we can do better. We will learn "buddy reading" tomorrow and really notice the difference between the two (buddy reading and quiet reading) and write down what's the "same" and what's "different" (do you see a venn diagram in our future?). We also began formal handwriting today with our super cool blue handwriting books! Every friend has their own book, and we noticed how important it is to "sit like a writer" (six feet on the floor) and how important not only your writing hand is, but your helping hand as well! Ms. Weinberger joined us in math today and we practiced showing what we learned in first grade. After our initial assessments are complete (this week) we'll be ready for our first math unit, and I can't wait!! We finished our "helping hands" for our job chart, and will be ready to begin our jobs soon! Taking care of our classroom and having jobs makes us feel valued, responsible, and important! Tomorrow we will talk about general classroom rules, and write about what rules we think are important! We practiced making comments and connections with text while reading a great story called "Ruby the Copycat". We learned about the main character, Ruby, and how she learned a lesson in the story. We also talked about how Angela (another character) might have felt when Ruby copied her. Lots of great thinking friends! Homework has started this week, so encourage your student to read for at lest 15 minutes each night. They can share a connection or comment they've made with their reading as well. That's the only homework for now. As we talked about today... reading makes you feel like a proud, confident student! We have PE tomorrow friends, sneakers please.

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