Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday! ABC Order, Short Vowels, and Calendars!

Wow! We fit a lot in for one Thursday! As promised, our meeting game was Ms. Marbles (so silly) and we sounded great singing Sandwiches! We learned how to sort words in ABC order the second grade way, and your students were GREAT! We only sorted words using the first letter of each word, but many friends were ready to sort trickier words (one or more words that begin with the same letter)! Impressive! We reviewed short vowel sounds in words and are will be ready to launch our spelling program on Monday! Can't wait! We enjoyed more Arthur books, as Marc Brown is our author under study for September. We read Sir Arthur To The Rescue, and learned how to use stories to work on art center jobs during work board. We talked about main characters (and why/how they're different from other characters) and also talked about dialogue in stories! Next, we drew pictures of the main characters, and word bubbles, full of silly things they may have said in the story! Outstanding job second graders! In math we flew (yah, that's right... FLEW) through our math warm up and it was on to calendars! Our focus today, was on days of the week. We also talked about months in one year and seasons! Next, we were ready to make our own September calendars! Jake got our math meeting ready (we missed you Joe!!) and since Zenani was the substitute, she stepped in for Joe, and ran a very efficient math meeting! Now that's what I call team work!! Fun Friday tomorrow friends! Remember to bring in your homework! Reading every night will make you a confident, capable, eager student!! At least 15 minutes please (but more is better)!!!

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