Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday... It Stopped Raining!!!

Greetings Thursday Thinkers! We started our day in Library with Ms. Kidder and had a book treasure hunt to help us learn where certain books are stored in our library! Ms. Kidder spent most of her summer reorganizing our library-media center... and we are grateful!! After that we started our morning meeting with Rockin' Robin and the "shoulder-touch" greeting! Well done friends! We played the clothespin game for the first time, and our birthday girl, Alena gave us a run for our money! We all finally located the cleverly hidden clothespin and loved the game! We wrote more words in writing work shop, and did some writing about ourselves too! Quiet reading went well also! We talked about how some friends find it very easy (even enjoyable) to cuddle up with a book and quietly read... and for some, it's a skill we're still working on. Lucky for us we have 176 days left to enjoy quiet reading in second grade! In math we did a great job with math warm up (5 minutes of computation practice) and learned about how to care for cards in second grade (storing them, using them, putting them away). We used our cards to review our math facts to 10 playing 10's Go Fish! Fun! Owen fearlessly volunteered to be math meeting helper today (with no practice) and did a fantastic job! Well done Owen! Soon, we'll outline all our classroom jobs, and everyone (whose ready) will have a turn to be the math meeting helper. One very big and important job in 2W!
We also finalized our meeting rules, and BOY did they WORK! We all agreed on 4 rules to help our meetings feel successful so everyone can participate, lead, and enjoy! Well done friends! This was a big and very important job! Insuring we can have meetings to help our learning! Finally, we have talked briefly about buttons. Many seem to already know what buttons mean in 2W. We've already earned several buttons (key word... earned)! More on buttons later. We were grateful (and needed) some outdoor recess time today... YAY!

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  1. Oh.... that wacky, blurry picture of everyone is the "mullet" energizer! Energizers make us move, stretch, and help get us ready to do our best learning!!