Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Terrific Tuesday!!

Greetings Friends! No pictures tonight as I'm still dealing with some technical difficulties (but Best Buy promises I'll be ready in 5-7 days... let's hope they mean it!) What a great day back after a long weekend with family and friends! We had our first all school sing in Cafe Sun this morning! What a way to start the day!! We followed with our own morning meeting and a new "koosh" greeting and a new game (familiar to some) "say your name"! Well done second graders! We wrote more words in writing workshop (high frequency words, to be exact), so Ms. Worthley can learn about words we know, and words we're still learning! We reviewed "quiet reading" the second grade way and followed with 10 "pin-drop-quiet" minutes of just that! I was so pleased to learn that many friend know the difference between quiet reading, and quiet "looking at a book". BIG DIFFERENCE! We will learn how to make good book choices, though today, our author under study, Marc Brown provided many great second grade book choices with our Arthur books! We also did math "warm-up" (5 uninterrupted minutes of math fact practice) and had another math meeting! Today's magic number.... 6! We reviewed the jobs of math meeting helper (the MOST super-awesome second grade job) including calendar, days in school, money, and weather graph!! We ended our day with Ms. Gebo in PE. We briefly talked about classroom rules (rules... do we need them, what are they good for, how do rules help us)?
Tomorrow... classroom jobs, new energizers ("candy"... thanks James), classroom rules, and HOMEWORK! Booyah! It's good to be in second grade!
PE tomorrow, sneakers please.

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