Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WET Wednesday!

Howdy Friends! Today was a wet and watery day, to say the least! But we made the most of it, as we usually do! We started our day with PE and Ms. Gebo (just the way we like it)!! At morning meeting we sang Oh Susanna, and tried a new greeting, pinky handshake! Well done second graders! We quickly moved on to more writing... we're almost done writing our high frequency words, and will soon move on to writing personal narratives (OUR OWN STORIES)!! In math we talked about meeting rules, and how meeting rules can help everyone enjoy being together to talk about math! Students had some great ideas about listening, and cooperating so everyone feels involved and important! We also finished our glyphs today and can't wait to share them with you at Open House! Very impressive.... clearly Mrs. Wells and all her art projects in first grade have paid off, because our glyphs are AWESOME! We also talked about jobs in our classroom, and how to take proper care of our tools, our space, and each other... more on that tomorrow. Hoping the weather allows us some outside time tomorrow, because we'll need it! Thursday is a library day with Ms. Kidder. See you all then!

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