Friday, October 1, 2010

Work Board, Ethan Rocks Morning Meeting, and Best Quiet Reading Day EVER!

Happy Friday Friends! I've said it before... but I gotta say it again, GREAT DAY! Ethan rocked the morning meeting with "This Old Man", Koosh-behind the back greeting, and a new game "The Weekend Chant"! After that, we dove into handwriting, did our second buddy test, and had the BEST EVER literacy block, beginning with quiet reading, followed by work board! WOW! You could hear a pin drop during quiet reading! Eyes in books, very relaxed reading! After, students got right to work in literacy stations (writing, Scholastic News, ABC Center, Math, Buddy Reading, word puzzles, Science, and even Art! Students work in committees, quietly helping each other when needed, working independently when warranted! I can tell already, that work board will be one of our strengths! Well done second graders... Seriously awesome work! I can't wait to "show off" more great work as I find it, when it comes to work board. Way to go!
Our math meeting helper Mackenzie had another great math meeting, and Rebecca is ready to roll next week! Well done Mackenzie! You transitioned us out of September, and into October very smoothly... nice work! Math was a review of fact families ("hard, but fun")! We reinforced important vocabulary (addition, subtraction, equation, number sentence, equals) as we created equations to match our number families. Students were engaged, involved, and enthusiastic during the lesson! We love LOUD, FUN, Math lessons... followed by quiet, focused work and practice! Oh yeah!
Lannashia's V.I.P. was postponed to Monday, as she was absent today... hope you feel better Lannashia! We can't wait for you to share on Monday, and learn (even more) about what a special friend you are!
Can't end FUN Friday without highlighting Kirsten's fashion statement... from the knees down, that is. I'll bet she has another great pair of "footwear" at home.. just like this! She committed to this look all day... styling the shoes like nobody's business! Fancy, funny, and supremely cool! One of a kind Kirsten! Have a great weekend! See you all Monday morning, rested and ready for another great week in second grade!

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