Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cafe Sun... and Letters to Malawi!

What a full day in Sunderland second grade! We finished our first work board in our literacy block, and look forward to a new work board tomorrow with new centers! We ended the morning talking about our new project... connecting Sunderland second graders with second graders in Malawi, Africa! We began today by talking about Malawi, what schools look like there and looked at pictures of students we will share letters with. We noticed what their schools are like, how they are different from our Sunderland school, and what might be the same (happy, smiling, enthusiasstic, engaged students). We talked about Ms. Worthley's friend, who will be going to Malawi to help build schools there, and how this friend will carry letters from our class to our new Malawi friends! We watched a short video clip of the students in this school, and saw first hand what Malawi schools look like and sound like. Our students talked a lot about what might be hard about being a Malawi student (walking 5 miles to school, having 150 classmates with only 1 teacher... Yikes!). We also noticed students working hard and saw what homes and roads really look like in Malawi! Needless to say, our students are very excited about this newly fostered connection with our Malawi friends, and can't wait to begin writing!
If that wasn't enough... today was our first day of Cafe Sun during our lunch block in the cafeteria! Mackenzie and Maya belted out some cheers with style and serious moves! We were all very impressed! Cafe Sun is hosted by our very own musical director Mr. Hines, and we look forward to many more musical-dining experiences in the future! Well done!
We ended our day in math talking about "friendly numbers" or "helpful numbers". We started by counting our pockets, and had to find a way to add a problem with 15 addends! YIKES! How can we make this easier to manage.... MAKE FRIENDLY NUMBERS! We combined addends into sums equaling 10 (I mean... how easy is it to count by 10's!), and after grouping our numbers, we counted our pockets! As you can see, we had 57 pockets today in second grade! We will do this fun math activity once each month. Do you wonder how many pockets we will have by June? We wondered too... about half of our second grade friends think we'll have less than 500, and about half predict we will have more (greater) than 500! We'll see! New work board tomorrow, friends! Looking forward to Olivia D.'s morning meeting! See you there!

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