Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Apple Crisp... Ms. Kuck brings Teeth... and "Show Me The Money"!!

Greetings Friends! Tuesday was one "happening" day... full and busy! Mary lead us in one wonderful morning meeting! We adjourned to handwriting... lower case m (and if you can make n... you can make m)...and neatness counts! This is the place to quietly "show off"! Usually... "no one likes a show-off"... accept when it's handwriting in second grade!! Well done! We collaborated on a sign for our new Doubles-Riddles" bulletin board, talk cooperation! Nice!
Ms. Kuck payed us a visit with a very important message regarding dental hygiene! Brush often, brush for 2 minutes (2 ABC or Happy Birthday songs), and did you know that carrots, celery, and crunchy veggies are natural clean-teeth-helping snacks? Who knew? Ms. Kuck took questions from a very enthusiastic audience of well informed second graders on the topic of dental hygiene! Thanks Ms. Kuck! (Yah... we have the most super-awesome school nurse, ever)!
Just as we were about to have snack... no joke, believe it or not... Olivia D.'s Mom walks in with warm apple crisp (I know... I couldn't believe it!). The smell intoxicated us as we tried to maintain our composure and complete our assignments! If that wasn't enough... there was whipped cream too.... Thanks Olivia D. and Mrs. Deane... now I see where all those muscles come from, Olivia! What a treat!!!!
Olivia R. had another stellar math meeting, complete with date, money, weather, and choosing friends to read our money chart!
After the meeting, we reviewed names of coins, their value, and counting coins, with a fun game called "Race to 20"... cents that is! Students rolled number cubes to acquire coins, which we traded up into higher value coins, in a race to get to 20 cents! We will continue to review coin value up to dimes (penny, nickel, dime), this week, and use the vocabulary (value, cents, count, money, trade) to practice counting money. As always... Tuesday ended in music class, with Mr. Hines! Nice day friends!

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  1. I've heard of singing into the hairbrush... but is Ms. Kuck singing into that toothbrush?