Monday, October 25, 2010

Mackenzie and Lannashia have Meetings, Weekend Stories, and Skip Counting!

Greetings Friends! Mackenzie ran a great morning meeting this morning, waking us up with the song Rockin' Robin, the koosh greeting, and Boppity bop bop bop! Nice Mackenzie! We adjourned to handwriting (Q/q), a new spelling rule (ordinal number words), and one very productive writing workshop! Ms. Worthley modeled her story, and choosing ONE topic to write about... stretching out the story with detail, describing words, and rereading (as all good writers do)! Students worked diligently on their stories, stretching out the sounds in words, spacing words, and using detail in their stories. Three brave writer's shared their weekend stories in our author's share, and we celebrated "things that they did well"! Nice job, Adan, Peter (AKA: Birthday Boy), and Olivia! The best news about writing workshop is that EVERY FRIEND wanted to share their writing! WOW! Like I said, what a productive writing workshop today.
After lunch we enjoyed the end of our read-aloud story Harriet's Hare, and loved the "happy ending". At least most of us did, some second graders are "grossed out" by happy endings that end with people getting married (you know, all that lovey-dovey stuff). But, we were all happy Harriet had a family she loved with a caring new mother to fill in the empty space left there in the beginning of the story!
Lannashia had her first math meeting, and was "spot on" with the money counting! Well done Lannashia! Our math lesson was skip counting... and I don't mean skipping while you count... we mean SKIPPING SOME NUMBERS, while you count! We skip counted by 2's, 5's, and 10's today, and recorded our thinking! Tomorrow, some "harder" skip counting (3's and 4's) while we stretch our thinking about how to count numbers! We ended our day in Computers with Ms. Kidder, and can't wait for another full, busy day in second grade tomorrow!

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