Thursday, October 7, 2010

T.J.'s New Game, and More with Doubles!!

Way to start our day, T.J.! After a great meeting, T.J. taught us a new game... The Detective and the Culprit! Soooooo cool! Today's detective was T.J. himself, and our first culprit (not in real life, of course) was Mackenzie! What fun it was to hear each student tell "what they did last night"... responses varied from, went swimming, jumped off a bridge, naked... ate green, blue, and yellow chicken nuggets! Of course, after being asked a second time, Mackenzie's response changed the second time (as was carefully planned, thus making her the culprit), but the ever elusive Detective T.J. and his keen listening skills caught wind of the change in her response, and she was "BUSTED"! Thanks T.J. for this new fun game to add to our repertoire of morning meeting games! Work board was busy, and we continue to learn how to work independently, WHILE ALSO doing our best quality work! We wrote in our monthly writing journals today, for the first time. After lunch we finished reading Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle as our last chapter "the slow-poke" came to an end. Oh, and by the way, I agree with Olivia D... there should be another chapter about the "worry wart". I mean, Harbin's mother could really use some Piggle-Wiggle cure for THAT!
We stretched our learning about doubles, and made equations (some with the sum in the beginning, some with the sum at the end)!! Vocabulary in math today included: addition fact, double, equation, sum, and a new word: addend! Well done second grade, that was some thoughtful, hard work we did today! Awesome!
Looking forward to Olivia R.'s V.I.P. tomorrow, and... rumor has it, we might be in for a little visit from her 4-legged friend... Can't wait!!

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