Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Final Touches on Letters to Malawi... and "Holy Lockdown"!

What a surprisingly warm, beautiful Tuesday it was in Sunderland! Olivia R. started our morning with a great meeting! After a busy morning we listened to Galimoto, a story about a Malawi boy who dreams of building his very own vehicle (truck... galimoto). We continued to wonder about life in Malawi, and were impressed by the resourcefulness of our main character, finding enough wire in his village to make his dream truck (toy) come true... Galimoto! We reread our letters to our Malawi pen pals, put in final touches, and added some pictures. We all can't wait to receive letters back from so far away! Exciting!
This afternoon, as if you haven't heard... was "lockdown" practice. That's the word we used, though in 2W we talked about "hiding" in the closet and how Chief Gilbert would check to see of our door was locked. We made the analogy of "a little gerbil family nesting in our cozy closet... though in all honesty, it was hot, uncomfortable, and we weren't crazy about it. But... We did it, we didn't have a choice, and we will know how to make safe choices in a real emergency. And, if anyone could install a small bathroom in our closet, that would be AWESOME!! It was a nice surprise to have some unexpected visitors pop in to tell us what a good job we did... Chief Gilbert himself, and some very friendly MA State Troopers. They even joined us in our energizer (peel the orange, peel, peel, the orange)... now that was REALLY a fun and unespected surprise!!
Overall, good day! One of many! See you all tomorrow!


  1. I love all that you have done with the children and this pen pal project....very impressive! I look forward to the return letters for your class and that experience for them! Keep up ALL your great work!

  2. Thanks Karen! We are so fortunate to be a part of such a global project!