Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Soggy Wednesday!

Dang! Left the camera at school! Though it doesn't change all the great work that happened today... Highlights...
Great Morning Meeting with Adriana at the lead! We finished our current work board and talked about ways to get our work done INDEPENDENTLY! Learning to read directions more than one time, and giving yourself some "think time" before asking for help is a very good skill, and helps us self-govern our learning, and become independent! We continued skip counting in math, stretching our learning with 3's and 4's! Tricky, hard, and fun! We also began a new read-aloud book: James and the Giant Peach. This was the book I (Ms. Worthley) read as a young girl. This was the first book I "couldn't put down" as a reader... turned me into a "life-long lover of reading"! Do you remember the book or the moment that you felt the magic of becoming a reader? Pretty amazing!
Hopefully tomorrow will be drier, and we will get some extra recess (duly earned today) on Thursday! NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS ON FRIDAY, TEACHER WORK DAY. See you tomorrow!

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