Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fun Friday...Library and Columbus!

What a beautiful Friday... at last! Kirsten ran a great morning meeting, followed by a busy morning! We met with Ms. Kidder in the library and talked about how we will check out books and how to use our new library/media center. Students will all be allowed to check out up to two books, and may check out more books when the old ones return. Students were encouraged to have a "regular spot" at home where they can keep their library books, so they always know where they are. Library days will be Friday at 11:00.
We also learned about Christopher Columbus and why we have Monday off in his honor. We were reminded of his voyages, his trip to what he thought would be India, but how he indeed landed on islands off the coast of Florida... North America! We wondered what it means to "discover" land, especially when other people already live there. We took a close look at the globe to appreciate what it would be like to sail to India and North America. Would we be able to do it? How did they navigate? We decided that since we do, indeed, live in North America, it's important to know about Christopher Columbus, whether you see him as a great hero, explorer, or temporary visitor.
We ended the day with Olivia R.'s V.I.P. and learned a lot more about her, her family, her cool crafting skills in making a wooden boat, and her adorable dog, Daisy! Thanks for sharing Olivia, for opening up and helping us get to know you even better! Looking forward to Adriana's V.I.P. next week! Have a great weekend! See you all Tuesday!

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