Saturday, October 16, 2010

Adriana's VIP! Adan's Morning Meeting! Letter Writing, and Tapping Words!

Happy Friday! Fun, full and busy! We started our day with Adan's morning meeting! Well done! We tapped out our spelling words helping us remember proper spelling for our buddy test! After, we read our homework poem aloud! Great fluency practice, and some friends even had the poem memorized... WOW! We "fancied-up" our letters to our Malawi friends, and found we had even more questions than yesterday! Connecting our students with students in Malawi, Africa is proving too be a very exciting and thought provoking exercise!
In math, we practiced problem solving (P.O.W!) with a subtraction story. We talked about how important it is to show your thinking with picture words, numbers, and of course, the answer (in a complete sentence).
Our student athlete, Chris, from the Frontier Red Hawk Football Team came and read to us this afternoon... a very "pumpkiny" book about choosing, and carving a jack-o-lantern! We ended our Friday with Adriana's V.I.P. We learned she has a super-cool bouncy ball collection, a beautiful bracelet from her gramma, and one adorable cousin! Next V.I.P... Peter! Looking forward to it! Happy Fall Festival weekend Sunderland!

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