Monday, October 18, 2010

Storytelling... and Maya's Morning Meeting!

Ms. Worthley forgot the camera today (boo) but we had a great day... and must share all the juicy details! Maya started our morning with a great morning meeting (Oh Susanah...otherwise known as "Oh Maya"), the koosh greeting, and the clothespin game (well played Adan and Kirsten)! Nice meeting Maya!
Following our meeting, we shared our weekend stories out loud (with the talking stick). After sharing, we wrote our weekend stories in our journals, and worked hard to sound out words the way writers do! I think Maya and Adriana set the bar pretty high today... quietly writing for 20 solid minutes, no interruptions, no chit chat.... and sounding out words so they could keep writing (stretching out their story with details)! We shared our writing later, and noticed why good writers keep adding to their story (words, picture)... thanks again Maya and Adriana! 10 buttons in the jar (for each word you sounded out) speak for themselves!! Well done!
We enjoyed a P.T.O. sponsored Storytelling event this afternoon with Rona Leventhal. We sang, listened to stories about dragons, and enjoyed being carried off into another world! When asked, Mary made a "spot on" prediction about the dragon getting his "fire-breathing-power" from the volcano! Well done Mary! Finally, we ended our day keyboarding in computers with Mrs. Kidder. She taught us how to hold our fingers over the keyboard and how each finger pushes keys in order to type out text. Tricky... but we LOVED it! Well done second grade!

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