Thursday, October 14, 2010

Handstands, Tulips Bulbs, and letters to Malawi!!

Greetings Friends! Thursday started with Olivia's morning meeting, and a new greeting-handshake! The "slap it, shake it, shoot it, kaboot-it" greeting and a new song for everyone... This Little Light Of Mine! Well done Olivia! Later we started writing letters to our new friends in Malawi, Africa. We reviewed all the things we wondered about... what's it like to walk to school? What's your favorite food? What kinds of holidays do you celebrate? What language do you speak? Our curious, eager students had some very thoughtful questions! Well done 2nd graders! We also started our new work board this morning... Christopher Columbus "style", while readers met with Ms. Worthley in reading groups. In math we talked about adding 3 numbers in equations, and how we group numbers together to make our adding easier! Working together and talking about our adding made math easier and more fun! Very collaborative and cooperative work today! Way to make challenging work into a fun learning math lesson!
We also planted our bulbs in our second grade bulb garden today! Students reviewed our learning about where the roots grow and where the flower grows out of the bulb, and carefully planted our bulbs (the proper way) into the ground! It was one last chance to interact with our tulip bulbs before "putting them to bed" for a (dormant) winter's sleep! Love, love, love the second grade bulb garden! Can't wait for spring to see the color and beauty of our garden!
Finally, I must say, I had a BLAST at recess with some very enthusiastic hand-standing friends who showed off their skills! Well done Mackenzie (and Alana)! Talk about team work! Very very well done!

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