Thursday, September 30, 2010

More Rain... and 3 Caterpillars become 3 Chrysalises!

Greetings Thursday Thinkers! Another great day... Charlie started us off with a great meeting... complete with koosh behind the back-greeting, and the clothespin game! Great meeting Charlie! We had our first day on work board, and worked in reading related centers while Ms. Worthley met with readers! Indoor recess was not a surprise, and we played many of our favorite games... Connect 4... Sorry... Checkers... Legos! Serious fun!
We learned how to do P.O.W! in math! P.O.W! stands for "Problem Of the Week", and problem solving is a big part of mathematical thinking in second grade! Our math homework is usually problem solving... and this shows how math is very useful... math helps us solve problems! YEAH! Our P.O.W. problem today had 2 variables and 10 ladybugs! We started (as always) with a picture of the story to help us solve the problem! As the problems get harder, our skills at looking at a problem, and knowing how to organize (show) our thinking will become more important!
Our 3 "mystery" caterpillars have all formed into a chrysalis! Wow! That was fast! Rumor has it, this species of caterpillar remain dormant for quite a while.... we may host these guests for the winter... Cool!
Tommorrow is Lannashia's V.I.P. and I can't wait to learn more about her! Fun Friday tomorrow friends!

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