Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another Fun Friday and Charlie's V.I.P!

Well... Happy Friday! Ethan launched our fabulous Friday with a morning meeting full of fun challenges! Clothespin game, koosh greeting, and great singing! Well done Ethan! We followed with our buddy test and "showed off" our poetry practice with our homework poem. Some read alone, some read together, some even memorized our poem! Wow! However you chose to do your reading, it was great fluency practice, and lots of fun! We reviewed fact families in math with a very interactive dialogue on equations, number sentences, how these numbers relate to each other (family) and included important vocabulary! Well done second graders!
Finally, we ended an awesome Friday with Charlie's V.I.P! We knew Charlie liked money... but we didn't know how much he KNEW about money, coins, foreign currency, and value of money! Wow! Loved the presentation, Charlie! Have a great weekend everyone! Can't wait to write about our weekend stories on Monday!

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