Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lannashia's Meeting... Great Work... and More Money!!

Howdy Folks! What a beautiful Wednesday we had! Outstanding work, friendly, helpful behavior, cooperative games, and awesome outdoor weather!
Lannashia started our day with the tambourine greeting (nicely done) and the Sandwiches song (a personal favorite) and the ever popular clothespin game! Well done Lannashia! We built our words (mix and fix) and couldn't help but notice some "great work". Charlie agreed to allow us to see what made his work so impressive (neat handwriting, words spelled correctly, followed directions) and we all talked together about doing our best quality work! Nice! We wrote in our dialogue journals for 20 (pin-drop-quiet) minutes. I look forward to seeing what's on your mind, writers, and writing back to you! Work board could NOT have gone any BETTER! Friends worked hard on their literacy activities while Ms. Worthley met with readers. Lots of cooperation and accomplishment today! Well done second graders!
In math we continued to practice counting coins and reviewed important vocabulary (penny, nickel, dime, cent(s), value, heads, tails, worth). We played at least 8-12 rounds of "Heads or Tails" with a partner, and practiced our money writing as well! Wednesday ended with P.E. (yay) and students had a great time in the gym with their friends in Ms. Z's class. Great day everyone!

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