Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Farm to Table.... POTATOES!!

What's better than eating baked potatoes for lunch with your friends at school? Eating with your friends AND Mom and Dad!! Students enjoyed another delicious meal in honor of our farm to table initiative, connecting students with the land, and where whole food really comes from! Great lunch! We also got a great start to our day with Peter's morning meeting. Well done Peter! Our math block was also started with Mary's very first math meeting, and she delivered like a pro! Well done Mary! After Mary's meeting, we stretched our learning about doubles (number sense) into "doubles plus one".... how knowing doubles really DOES help you with other kinds of thinking? That was our investigation today... and we worked hard! Tomorrow is pocket day... so remember... lots of pockets, lots of addends! Big numbers! BOOYAH! See you there!


  1. Congratulations on Math Meeting Mary !! Math is so much fun for everyone ... "counting" the minutes til we see you all again !

    Love, Mary's parents :)

  2. Mary did a great job, all week. every meeting! Well done Mary! And.. yes... second grade math ROCKS!