Thursday, October 28, 2010

TJ's Meeting, New Work Board, and Mary's VIP!

What a beautiful fall day! We started our day with TJ's morning meeting and a new song: The Worm Song! We played "Alibi" and greeted each other with the "swirly-scarf" greeting! Nice TJ!
After the meeting, it was hard at work with handwriting, buddy test, and practicing our fluency with our new poem of the week: My Tongue is Tasting Terrible! Well done readers! We also began a "spooky" new workboard, complete with ghostly crosswords, scary stories in writing center, and a spooky scholastic news! We enjoyed some extra recess (earned yesterday for being ready in a SUPER TIMELY MANNER), and many of us played 4-square with the new "Ms. Gebo second grade rules"! It's hard to play a game where you may be out, but the fun of the game is that others get to play... and you're back in the game in "no time"! Learning to play by the rules, and play fair, along with being a "good sport" are all important things to remember, and make the game a lot of fun!
In math we stretched our thinking with odd and even numbers by learning that in even numbers, there is always a match (or a pair), in odd numbers there's always one "left over"! We thought about how odd and even numbers work together, how they are different, and challenged our thinking by adding odd numbers together. Using the 100's board helped us notice patterns with odd/even numbers too! Learning how to "think" about a problem, instead of being first to "solve" a problem is an important skill! Thinking... thinking...thinking!! When you're thinking, you're winning!
Finally, we ended the day with a lovely VIP presentation by Mary! Her soft spoken, yet articulate manner caught all our attention (you could have heard a pin drop)! She shared special collections, family photos (including Snickers, of course) and souvenirs from special trips. She also dazzled our coin collectors with a few rare coins of her own! Well done Mary! Every friend in the room was truly a respectful listener... way to end the day second grade! Well done everyone!
Enjoy your day off tomorrow. No school for students... just teachers! Have a safe Halloween, and see you all rested and ready for a busy day on Monday!


  1. Look at that crew... going in for a real close look at Mary's VIP! I think we have quite a few coin collectors in our midst! What an impressive VIP presentation, Mary! Awesome!

  2. Thank you for such a wonderful summary of this very special day for Mary. We are proud of Mary and the entire class ! The second grade members are learning so much from each other ! And Mary- You are our VIP every day !!! Keep learning and growing and collecting knowledge about the world around you !!
    Love, Mary's Parents and of course, Snickers :)

  3. There has been sooooooo much talk about coin collections in our house! Ethan's been rooting around to see if we have any rare gems to share with the class.