Monday, September 27, 2010

Rainy Monday! Welcome Caterpillars!

Greetings Friends! Well, we need the rain, and we got it today! The rain canceled some walking field trip to Mikes Farm for corn picking, and it looks like we're supposed to get more rain tomorrow. Students and I talked about how we hope to go on our trip... if it's sprinkling or drizzly, we'll probably TRY TO GO! Please dress appropriately for a muddy farm... muck boots, rain coats, and nothing fancy! We'll see what tomorrow brings.
Today we learned how a good friend gives a second grade "buddy test" in spelling. We learned how to correct our friends work so that it feels "helpful" and not fussy. We also learned how to do Ed Emberly (drawing, writing, and sequencing... all rolled into one fun job)!! And we loved it!
Mackenzie began her week as math meeting helper, and I'm not sure we've ever heard a louder more articulate Mackenzie! WOW!!! Well done Mackenzie! You certainly rocked your first math meeting... looking forward to your next meeting tomorrow!! Awesome job! Speaking of math... we also did some graphing today. We talked about how important it is for a bar graph to have words, numbers, a title (that matches the data) and how neatness counts! Well done second graders!
We also aquired some new additions to our science area... our caterpillars! We have 3 all together, and boy... do they eat (and poop) a lot!! YIKES! We know these caterpillars are not monarchs, as they don't eat milk weed, they prefer dill, parsley and herbs (though they're not too fond of the fresh oregano from Ms. Worthley's garden). If anyone has an herb garden, and can offer some parsley or dill, our caterpillars would love it! We will observe them carefully to see how their life cycle progresses, and what kinds of butterflies they become! Exciting! Science ROCKS!

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